Pine Manor Improvement Association

JLFM and The Pine Manor Improvement Association have partnered the last several years for Pine Manor’s Annual Christmas Dinner!  This amazing event gives residents of the community a chance to enjoy a traditional Christmas Dinner.  The children have a chance to visit with Santa, and get a stuffed teddy bear!  

Pine Manor Improvement Associate is a private non-profit agency that provides services to approximately 3,000 children and families that are at risk in the Pine Manor area of Fort Myers.  Pine Manor is one of five neighborhoods designated by the Lee County Board of Commissioners as “blighted” and in need of direct social service delivery. Their mission is: Equip, educate and empower the families, individuals and children of Pine Manor for a better quality of life. We have a proven track record for meeting project objectives and have worked with Lee County Board of Commissioners to develop and work toward projects which:
Empower the communities to promote safe, viable neighborhoods; Provide decent housing; and Encourage economic opportunities.

“I love working with JLFM because they bring in fresh new ideas that help spark and encourage the families through their different programs.” – Shari Clark, Resident Coordinator