Our Mother’s Home

Our Mother’s Home and the Fort Myers Junior League started their partnership back in 2007, when volunteers worked to complete a decorated living and working area for the group home. They assembled office furniture and furnished a bedroom that would be used for girls who were over the age of 18. They even installed new storage and brought toys for the children’s play room. They have been working side by side with OMH since then and they have been nothing less than a blessing.

In 2015 they assisted in the update of the playground area in the backyard, with manual labor of installing rubber mulch, pressure washing and pulling weeds bringing a refreshed look to the structure. New patio furniture was donated and placed next to the playground, so mothers could sit comfortably while enjoying the outdoors. For the babies who are too young to play on the playset, they purchased rubber tile that was installed so they could crawl and play safely without any worry of the getting hurt from the pavement. Not only has the FMJL offered their muscles and hard work to the cause, they have also donated their cooking skills.

The “Kids in the Kitchen”, where they provide fresh and healthy food and teach a healthy lifestyle to families. They have come to Our Mother’s Home twice, to show the girls healthy options when it comes to cooking and how easy it can be. Cookbooks were also provided for the house that had many recipes, such as healthy snacks and meals, so that the teen moms could practice making them on their own. Our Mother’s Home and Fort Myers Junior League have been working hand in hand together for almost 10 years, to promote a better, brighter, and healthier future for everyone, and no doubt will continue to create futures for the next generation.

Karen Watson, Executive Director