Junior League of Fort Myers, Inc.


2015-2016 JLFM Board of Directors

Danielle Lucht President
Erin Martin President-Elect
Jen Beattie Finance Council VP
Carly Leotti Treasurer
Jessica Steinberg Membership Council VP
Michelle Patrick Olivarez Community Council VP
Alex Hamley Communications VP
Jaclyn Julow Corresponding Secretary
Francesca Berberich Recording Secretary
Holly Zasadny Member-At-Large
Veronica Bynum Nominating Chair
Carrie Gil Advisory Planning
Lisa Muench Sustainer Advisor

2014-2015 JLFM Board of Directors

Sasha Storsberg-Warren President
Danielle Lucht President Elect
Leah Armstrong Finance Council VP
Jen Beattie Treasurer
Jaclyn Julow Membership Council VP
Jessica Natali Community Council VP
Shamie Kelly Communications Council VP
Helen Lundy Corresponding Secretary
Lauren Yates Recording Secretary
Katie Choquette Member-At-Large
Nicole Brenner Nominating Chair
Erin Martin Advisory Planning
Teresa Martinez Sustainer Advisor

2013-2014 JLFM Board of Directors

Anita Duenas President
Sasha Storsberg President Elect
JoAnn Landry Finance Council VP
Leah Armstrong Treasurer
Veronica Bynum Membership Council VP
Stephanie Watson Community Council VP
Veronica Gude Communications VP
Millie Sowers Corresponding Secretary
Amy Schulte Recording Secretary
Kasey Albright Member-At-Large
Talia Gates Nominating Chair
Jessica Steinberg Advisory Planning
Julie Workman Sustainer Advisor

2012-2013 JLFM Board of Directors

Nicole Brenner President
Anita Duenas President Elect
Shirley Snyder McLaren Finance Council VP
JoAnn Landry Treasurer
Starr Curry Membership Council VP
Jillian Fay Community Council VP
Sasha Storsberg Communications VP
Jessica Steinberg Corresponding Secretary
Stephanie Watson Recording Secretary
Bonnie Gard Member-At-Large
Alyse Grohowski Advisory Planning
Jeanne Dozier Bartlett Sustainer Advisor

2011-2012 JLFM Board of Directors

Carolyn Baker-McCord President
Nicole Brenner President Elect
Shirley Snyder McLaren Treasurer
Ashley Overlock Recording Secretary
Alyse Grohowski Corresponding Secretary
Jenni Balyeat Finance Council VP
Anita Duenas Membership Council VP
Sasha Storsberg Community Council VP
Sharon Klump Communications VP
Jennifer Campbell Member-At-Large
Carole Ezell Bishop Advisory Planning
Jeanne Dozier Bartlett

Sustainer Advisor

2010-2011 JLFM Board of Directors

Catherine Doikos President
Carolyn Baker-McCord President Elect
Jenni Balyeat Treasurer
Nicole Brenner Recording Secretary
Jill Horrom Corresponding Secretary
Susan Chicone Finance Council VP
Carole Ezell Bishop Membership Council VP
Sharon Klump Community Council VP
Carly Rainero Communications VP
Shamie Kelly Member-At-Large
Shirley Snyder McLaren Advisory Planning
Kim Hunt Sustainer Advisor

2009-2010 JLFM Board of Directors

Lisa Muench President
Catherine Doikos President Elect
Susan Chicone Treasurer
Jill Horrom Recording Secretary
Allison Duenas Corresponding Secretary
Ana Flynn Finance Council VP
Alyse Grohowski Membership Council VP
Carolyn Baker-McCord

Community Council VP

Shirley Snyder McLaren Member-At-Large
Jill Palmer Advisory Planning
Anne Campbell

Sustainer Advisor